Have we lost the feeling of true community.

If you have ever seen the movie The Matrix, you will probably remember the scene where Neo makes the choice to take the blue pill or the red pill. The blue pill lets him wake up in the matrix like he knows nothing, and the red pill will make him aware of the true nature of the Matrix.

I remember seeing that scene and having it wake me up. I had been a slave to my life for a very long time. I had just gone along with what I thought I was expected to do in the order that I was expected to do it in. I had other people’s opinions, voices, morals, and values floating around in my mind, so much so that I really didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. I wasn’t a matrix fan when it came out, I so wish I had received this message much earlier in my life, but there is no going back.

I never considered that I could change my trajectory. That I could become aware of the true nature of the matrix, let alone be able to change the direction that I was going to go.

We all live in a matrix of our own creation. We see things from our point of view, from our perspective. We do what we want to do and then make up reasons why we do it. We are growing a society that is very much about the individual, about the needs of the individual. But what is happening is we are becoming more isolated and lonely. We have lost the feel of true community. Of being with people and not wanting or expecting anything from them.

I recently traveled interstate for a brief and wonderful getaway with my husband and we have an amazing time. But what was also amazing to me was what we witnessed on the flight to and from our destination. We had taken the cheap flight option when deciding to get away, you know what I mean, a cheap flight comes up so you feel you can justify to yourself that you can afford to get away for that cheap a price. So on the spur of the moment you book it. Awesome right!! Of course, it’s awesome. Who doesn’t love a bargain. And I am glad we booked it because we really needed to get away, just the 2 of us, even for just a few nights. But it was the behaviour some of the other passengers that stunned me. and they had no idea that what they were doing was putting out other humans.

First of all, the cheap airlines staff must be congratulated on doing a great job. They were friendly, polite, patient, and all round just great. The flight was on time and smooth with little issues or problems. On our departing trip we had a family of 9 people enter the back of the plane but were seated at the front of the plane. They pushed their way through all the passengers, all with large cabin bags that they were holding at head height – I am amazed no one got hit with one. they delayed the flight by at least 5-10 minutes with their antics. Now my hubby and I had a bit of a laugh and raised the eyebrows. Sure, it’s possible to make this mistake but the way they pushed themselves around was just incredible. At the end of the flight when we landed, the cabin crew had to request they sit back down as they were up and getting bags out from the overhead lockers almost straight away after we touched down. Now I try very hard not to be judgemental, but I was surprised by the way that this entire family seemed to be entitled to do what they wanted and not follow airline protocol. I also saw another passenger putting her bag up in the overhead locker while shoving her handbag and jacket into the face of a lovely looking older lady, who simply didn’t know what to do. That was just the flight over!!

On the flight back, we arrived early for the flight and were watching the flight before ours board and head off. Again, the staff were wonderful. The boarding went well and everyone was prepared and boarded quickly. What happened when the doors closed was very interesting. Firstly a good looking young girl was told that she had missed her flight. She tried everything to get on the plane including crying. Now I am sure that she was upset about missing her flight and I am sure in her own matrix she had done nothing wrong and the airline should let her on. But she was turned away and given instructions as to how to get on the next fight. Then, a hippy looking dude showed up and wanted to get on the plane. He was told also that the flight had closed and he would have to go and organise to get himself on another fight. Now this guy lost his shit. He started photographing the front of the plane because the door was still open and they should let him on. He was going to go online and let everyone know how F’ing Shit this airline was and how they had not let him on his plane. Now again in his version of the matrix it is exactly what happened. But there are reasons that airlines close the gates before they leave the terminal. There are processes and procedures that the staff follow. And in the event of an emergency you will follow what staff that have been trained to save your life will say. But he was well and truly involved in his version of the matrix and had not consideration for the staff that he was abusing, or the other passengers that he would put out if he was allowed on to the plane.

Then it was time for us to board. As we were waiting to board we noticed a large family group, another family of 7 who lined up with their kids to get on the plane before the the plane had even landed or the other passengers had gotten off, they were asked to move out of the way, twice. They eventually got the message and moved enough to keep their spot at the start of the line. They were annoyed when the emergency exit passengers were called on first. But you won’t believe what happened when they did get to the front of the line after making quite the nuance of themselves, they had all 7 boarding passes on a single mobile phone so the airline staff removed them from the line so they could get the boarding passes printed. They arrived on the plane after everyone else had boarded.

Now I also saw some great moments, like when the old lady with the small child was struggling to get the child to walk down the steps of the plane, a young lad lifted him up and carried him down while the girl next to him helped the lady with her bags. I saw the airline staff work wonderfully well to get everyone fed and watered and they did it with a smile and a chat. I saw a big muscleman help an older gentleman get his bag into the overhead locker. And the guy that was unloading the overhead locker and passing everyone waiting their bags. So, my faith in humanity was also renewed by this group of great human beings.

By stepping out of my sheltered little world it really exposed to me to how selfish and self-centred humans can be. It also showed me how thoughtful and giving humans can be. It made me think of the red and blue pill from the matrix movie and I could see that some people on my flight could see what was going on and considered those around them and their own actions. And some saw what they wanted to and it was all about them. It made me think about how much easier life would be if we worked more as a community, with everyone working toward a common goal. Now sure, this was just getting on a plane and going on a trip, but it’s the little things that demonstrate this concept of community. If you can’t get this kind of thing working then what hope do we have of tackling the bigger picture?

So, do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill. Do you want to shut your mind off and just continue as you have been or do you want to discover what is the true nature of your surroundings?

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