Do we look for the truth or do we look to confirm what we believe.

I recently found something in my readings for Uni about why we can’t trust what we believe as truth and why we should always have an open mind and be questioning ourselves about our actions and reactions.

We like to be right and we like to find information to confirm what we believe is right. That is why conspiracy theories sprout all sorts of undocumented fact that are believed my some. Its why some extreme religions can be so dangerous.

We’re simply quicker to recognize information that confirms what we already know, and this makes us blind to facts that discount it.

In the old version of the movie time machine an inventor builds a time machine and goes into the distant future. When he gets there he finds that mankind’s descendants have divided into two species, the passive, childlike, Eloi and the underground-dwelling Morlocks, who feed on the Eloi. I wonder just how far from the truth this might be. Could it be that the passive childlike believers blindly follow those that are stronger and more self centered and self absorbed?

We need to be even more careful in today’s world as to what we simply accept as fact. It is easy just to agree with something without investigating it further. It takes no effort on our part to do this.

There is information everywhere. Advertorials are so wide spread now that we don’t really know what is fact and news worthy and what is paid to be reported on. Media beat up so many stories that really just take away from the real news that we should be concerned with. Celebrity’s lives have become front page news and the struggles of many are ignored.

All though I am not a fan of Donald trump he is right when he talks about fake news. Not that I have any interest in what he thinks is fake, but the fact that the media that was once a reliable source of information is now able to be bought. That any opinion can be considered fact with enough people following and spreading it as fact.

I have learned that it is really important to think for myself. Don’t just blindly follow the beliefs of others, do your own research and make up your own mind. Everyone is ultimately entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, but don’t closed yourself off to learning facts. Fact and truth is not the same thing. Search for scientific or viable sources of information and don’t be an Eloi.

Although the internet has created many amazing and wonderful things is has destroyed the old art of true hard hitting journalism. Journalism has become lost amongst the noise of today’s world. So we now need to do the fact checking before we adopt any information into our beliefs.

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