Does there always have to be a winner?

Recently we had the final of the very first Australian Ninja Warrior. Loved the show and was so proud of my friend Celeste Dixon for making it to the semi-finals.

There has been much controversy over the grand finale. The fact that no one was the winner of season 1. I have read reports that said the course was too hard, and they should have made it so that at least some of the competitors made it to the end. That there should be someone crowned “First Australian Ninja Warrior Winner”.  Well sorry folks but no one climbed to the top of the mountain and raised their flag!! There is now a heap of Australian Ninja Warriors in Australia. Every single person that made it to the finals can call themselves that!! And every single one of them deserves that title.

It is not meant to be easy!! That’s the whole point!! Why should someone be crowned the “winner” if they didn’t make it to the end? It should be ok to not have a winner. If you make it to the end you are exceptional. The fact that you made it on to the show at all is amazing.

This is a perfect example of how it’s not about the end result but the challenge of how far you can come and how far you can go. Many of the entrants had backstories that were fantastic and inspirational. Comebacks from the most devastating of circumstances. That is why I think this show has been so successful. The fact that there was no “winner” as such makes it even better. And I am not usually one to like the idea of everyone winning a prize, but in this scenario, I think it is a perfect end to a great show.

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