Resting Bitchface

OMG, I was stuck by the most interesting thought the other day. What if your resting face was the average of all of your emotions

I was talking to a friend about how to help someone we know. She is really working on making some changes and trying so hard to get to where she wants to go. She is doing all the right things, showing up at all the right places, but it seems that there was something that was blocking her. We both mentioned that she has the condition known as resting bitchface and could that be her issue.

Could that old saying of “if the wind changes you will stay that way” be true? This friend is really doing some work on herself. She is reading the right books and talking the talk, but not walking the walk, not doing the work on herself that she needs to in order to make her change internally that she needs to so she can leave negativity behind and embrace a happy life. It’s like she is holding on to negativity like a life saving device, continuing to complain and blame others for her inability to succeed and move forward. She is doing the work she thinks she needs to, but not really embracing it.

It’s a known fact that life can take many different twists and turns, that you can be carried along on the breeze, that you can suddenly have the wind change and take you in a different direction. A metaphor for life really. But what if you had your bitch face on when you changed direction? Could you be doing all that you can to make change your face is telling the world “look out”? “Not Happy Jan”? “Don’t mess with me”? “don’t poke the bear? don’t play with me? Is it possible that the inner person is repelling the world still. That the wind changed and they are heading in another direction but they got stuck in previous life habits.

If your mindset can get stuck in a negative place, perhaps your face can too. Character can be seen in the faces of the old. The wrinkles, the sun damage, and the experience of time. But what if our resting face is the average of our emotions. Is that why some people have a pleasant happy resting face, some look miserable, some look fake and some look bitchy? Is it possible that the face that we present to the world is a true reflection of who we are? Or at the very least where we have come from?

As a photographer I know that any face can truly be beautiful. I have seen resting bitchface come alive when I have photographed someone and given them just the right mental image to take them to their happy place, or at least make them laugh for a split second. I so wish I could give the world that moment all the time, which is what photography does. It takes that split second of happiness that is inside of a person and brings it to the surface and captures it forever. The only way to make it stay there forever is to work towards being a happier person so that your face changes to reflect

Tell me what you think? Could this be true?

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