Honesty is important but be careful how you deliver it.

I seem to have a problem with being a little too honest with people. I have over the years learned how to soften my delivery of my honest opinion but honesty in today’s world is not appreciated. Part of the reason I started my blog and podcast was to share with the world my thoughts, without directly offending others. If one person hears what I have to say and it helps them to deal with something, then I will be pleased, if it doesn’t then my children and grandchildren will be able to read my thoughts long after I have left this planet.

Honesty is often hurtful. I know this because when I react to something said to me, often it is because it is a little nugget of honesty that highlighting something about myself that I know I’m not happy with. Being part of the photography industry I see this more than most. Love it when people constantly like photographs that are ok and they really rev up the photographer about how great they are, yet if constructive criticism of how the image could be improved is offered, you can be torn down for only trying to help. I see this when women ask their partners if they look good in an outfit and they are too scared to say that they don’t. because they don’t want to hurt their feelings. But to be honest, you need to have honesty as a strong value in your life.

I have had to many lies, too many manipulators in my life and I have decided that I will not be like them. As part of my overhaul into consciously living and simplifying my life I have decided that honesty is a value that I hold dear. And it can sometimes come with a cost. But I want to hear people say what they mean, instead of dance around topic, concerned with what society might think about their opinions. I don’t want to sit on the fence anymore. If I have an opinion on something I want to declare it. I want others to listen and give me their opinion and I want to be free to be convinced that I am wrong, and own that if it is the case without judgment.

We all see life through the view of our own lens. We see situations from where we happen to sit at any particular time. But we need to have honest conversations. We need to be open to agreeing to disagree but still being able to be friends. I do not have to hold the exact same opinions as you to be your friend. I do not have to live the exact same lifestyle as you to be your friend. The sooner we all realise that we are all different, that we all have a different view of the world, and that opinions are not black and white, the sooner we will learn to live together peacefully.

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