Check your facts people!

Health is such an important thing. I know because I have been struggling with health issues for what seems like forever. I have found things that work for me and am in a good place right now health wise.

But what concerns me is the billion dollar weight loss industry and the BS that is being said by so many bloggers that have no qualifications or scientific evidence that what they are sharing and saying is real. It might be their truth but is it proven?

This thought came to me just recently when I was watching a tv segment by a nutritionist who was demonstrating the scientific facts between what has become a trend in health, compared to scientifically proven health data. The think that I had to laugh at was when she suggested instead of juicing your fruit, perhaps just eat it!! She mentioned that Kale is not as good for you as spinach and a few other interesting proven facts.

Now I know here is many out there that love all this stuff. And hey, if it floats your boat then by all means have at it. But what really concerns me is that it often is the youth that pick up on this stuff and then think that it is what they should be doing. And there is enough problems with what they already understand as normal that making diets a trend is not really a healthy thing.

Diets and weigh loss has been big business for many years. We have been chasing the body perfection dream. I have had issues with my body since I was a teenager, when I couldn’t put on weight and was considered underweight. It was not for want of trying. I was made to eat and drink all sorts of high calorie options but it didn’t make a bit of difference, no matter how much I did or didn’t eat!!

When I had kids, each child put weight on me, that I could not loose no matter what I tried. I became a gym junky and all that did was drain my adrenals. I would go on a diet and put weight on. I discovered that my body was not storing vitamin b’s and was having vitamin b injections to try to make a difference, but they didn’t!! so something was not working correctly, and probably never had been. I saw a nutritionist and she said that I was not eating enough and that in her opinion my body was in starvation mode, storing food in case I needed it. Lots of things that just were not working in my favour.

It has taken a long time to work out that my body is not conventional. It doesn’t work like everyone else’s. I need to work out for myself what it needs, because I am one of the minority who has issues that are not fully understood, nor cared about by traditional medicine. And fat shaming really makes me mad. There is nothing worse than being told to diet, exercise and watch the weight fall off of me. at one stage my doctor said to me that for an overweight person I was fitter then a lot of his normal weight patience were.

I thought it was just me. but is amazing how many of us are out there. When I say us, those of us that don’t overeat, don’t emotionally eat, are physically reasonably active and are still large.

There are so many eating disordered out there that it is about time we started to really have a good look at what messages we are sending to our youth. I know that when I was underweight I still hated that I had belly fat so I completely get how the girls that are way underweight can feel. I hated my body for years because I could not get it to work and look the way I wanted it to. so it doesn’t surprise me that we have an epidemic of eating disorders and gym junkies striving for what they think is perfection.

There is no such thing as perfection. And I have now come to love the fact that the imperfect is perfection. I love what it is that I can do in this body of mine. I love the kids it has given me. it’s not about what it looks like, it’s about what I can do with it and how I can help others. We need to look at the messages we are sending our young ones. We once they have an opinion about their own bodies it is hard for them to accept anything else as truth. It is why anorexic girls die, its why emotional eaters continue to binge. Let’s make it ok to be who we are, without feeling constantly not enough because of what we look like.

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