We don’t find happiness, we learn it!

I was talking with a friend recently and something came out of my mouth that just made so much sense. Even I surprised myself with my Yoda quote abilities from time to time but even I was impressed with my Jedi wisdom abilities with this one. “We don’t find happiness, we learn it.”

We can want so much in life, but unless we learn how to be happy with what we currently have, we simply won’t be happy. It is as easy as that!

Life is a challenge no matter who you are. You can have a great life and still, there will be days that you struggle. Health issues are not always something that is in our control and other people can be arsehats. We have seen the rich and famous commit suicide and no amount of money can make them happy.

If you don’t have happiness in your life then you need to learn how to be happy. Happiness can’t be purchased, and money definitely helps to make life easier as we need a certain amount of it to survive in today’s world. But just because you are rich, doesn’t mean you will be happy, unless you learn to be happy in yourself.

This means doing the work on yourself to understand what is important in life to you. To work out what you value the most. To get rid of some of the things in your life that bring unhappiness.

It’s not an easy thing to learn. Personal growth and even mediation can help you to get to a place of happiness. And everyone will have different values so everyone has a different understanding of what will make them happy.

So if you are not happy, perhaps it is time to start to do the work to find out why. What is causing your unhappiness and do something about it. Be grateful and learn the art of gratitude. Follow what interests you. Don’t jump to assumptions. Don’t take things personally. Learn to meditate and find like-minded people who you can have an honest conversation.

I have done so much work on myself over the last 20 yrs. It has not been easy and I am still a work in progress but I am much happier today than I was then.

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