Every now and then you need a little sparkle.

A simple authentic life doesn’t mean there is no bling. I designed the gold logo with some bling for a reason.

I love pretty shiny things. Although I am not a big wearer of jewelry I do appreciate the craft and skill that goes into designing it. Because I don’t colour my hair anymore doesn’t mean I think that is the way for everyone. There are some amazingly talented hairdressers out there that do amazing work. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like getting dressed up every now and then and that I don’t use makeup. I wear it when I want to and not wear it when I want to. I’m not wearing the latest fashions, but I still appreciate great fashion and great fashion photography. I have gold sequins on the strap of my camera because I like it. I like gold sparkles, sprinkle that shit everywhere I say.

But what took me years to understand was that I need to like what I like because I like it and not because of what others think, or what advertising tells me I should like.

It’s been all about learning what resonates with me. And it has taken years of mistakes to get to this place, a place of being comfortable and being curious. It feels like I have been walking in a fog for years and have finally had the fog start to lift and  I can now see what is important to me, and what resonates with me.

I have awakened. I have become curious to why humans do what we do. Why we buy stuff we don’t need, why we treat each other badly. Why we always look for the worst in people and why we react because of how we perceive things to be.

So I am looking for the little golden nuggets that will help me grow as a person and continue to lift that fog and enlighten me.

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