Street Photography: Adelaide Beauty

2017-11-14 09.38.35_previewShot November 13th 2017. Victoria Square Adelaide.

This fountain has special significance to me. It has been in Victoria Square in the center of Adelaide CBD since the 1960s and represents the 3 rivers that feed into South Australia. Its design incorporates an aboriginal man with an Ibis to signify the Murry River, A European woman with a black swan for the Torrens, and a European woman with a Heron for the Onkaparinga. You can find out more about the history of the fountain here.

But that is not what I love about it. My Daughter used to say everytime we drove past it, “look there is my fountain” of course she was only 3 or 4 when this started but it just became a habit to think it whenever I now drive past it.

I love the layers of subjects in this image. The flowers in the foreground, the fountain then the pop of colour from the tram, and the Sir Samual Way building, very typical architecture for Adelaide.

Shot with: Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Edited in Instagram.

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