Do you raise them up or tear them down?

Women have been fighting for equality in the business world for generations but what I have noticed lately is that there are two kinds of women. Those that are inspired by the success of others and those that won’t think twice to destroy the future opportunities for others. Feminism has been saying for years that the problem was the boys but are we turning on our own kind?

Sabotage is the manipulative tool of choice it seems with rumours, lies and innuendo part of the toolkit. What is even more concerning being that some women don’t even realise the damage they are doing and find ways to justify their behaviour to themselves and others.

If women are going to change the world we need to do it together and support each other. We need to stop all the judgment, jealousy and drama. We need to raise each other up, help each other when we can and be inspired by the success of each other.

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