Food and I are not friends.

Some people are crazy about food. Absolutely love it. But not me.

I have never really liked food much, even as a kid mum found it really hard to get me to eat what everyone else was eating. My son is the same and I have never pushed him to eat food if he doesn’t want to.

Now just so you know I only have a drink perhaps once or twice a year. I gave up smoking over 17 yrs ago. I don’t over eat and I don’t comfort eat. I am overweight and almost 50 yrs old. I have always been active and although I don’t play sport love to run. I have had anxiety issues in the past and there is a blog you can read about that. I have spent lots of time on personal growth and include meditation in my daily activities.

Everyone and every body is different. If I eat salad (and yes I have tried many times) it makes me nauseous. I had been diagnosed with low vitamin B levels and even vitamin B injections made no difference. I was underweight as a kid and as I had kids I slowly became overweight as an adult as every pregnancy added weight that would not shift afterwards. I have seen a dietitian and was told that I don’t eat regularly enough so my body thinks it is starving. But I don’t think that is the case either. What I do think is that my body doesn’t absorb nutrients as it should for some reason.

I also was trying to use exercise to shift the weight. I injured myself doing a “bootcamp” program at a local gym and am now really paying for it with issues in my hip where I have torn the cartridge in the hip joint.

After a trip overseas I came down with a really nasty flu kind of virus that I just couldn’t shake. By the end of 2015 I was sick all the time, my immune system was comprised. I was at a point of desperations.

Around this time I was also diagnosed with a condition that is somewhat controversial. You can read more about it here. Its called Pyroluria. ( I had also drained my adrenal glands by this point with my attempts of regular exercise. Now the Dr who diagnosed me with Pyroluria also then put me on to a large dose compound pharmacy nutrients that gave my energy levels a massive boost but they made me nauseated. I discovered Kyani which is a nutrient based 3 part system (only available via network marketing) that completely turned my life around and this got me thinking about my dislike of food in general.

Kyani has me back healthier that I have ever been. I have not been sick since I started taking it in 2015. It has really changed my life and given me my energy and clear thinking back. It has got me thinking about my body and its systems. Is it that my body doesn’t process nutrients from food like other peoples does? The fact that Kyani is a water soluble product means that the nutrients are easily absorbed and used by the body. It was developed by a medical doctor who I have been lucky enough to meet in person so there is some substance to how and why it works. Because it is easily absorbed does it mean that my body is finally getting the nutrition that it needs?

The dietitian was correct as far as not eating regularly. If I stay on a strict calorie controlled diet and eat 6 meals a day I can drop weight. But it is not easy and if I go off this strict program the weight returns to what I like to call its default weight. Once it reaches the default weight it then stays there no mater how much I do or don’t eat!!

Now this all gets me back to the first statement about me not liking food. I have always had a sweet tooth and enjoy some savory things but I like a very limited foods that I can actually eat. I dislike anything hot or spicy and prefer very bland simple food. Over the years with my issues with lack of energy and then being so sick for so long I was told about so many different diets that I should try and researched all sorts of magic food combinations. I was told by my doctor about a few different diets that I also tried and they simply didn’t work or were so complicated that I could not keep on them for any length of time. And yes I tried smooties and I have a nutribullet and I cant swallow that muck!!

I have got some major concerns about the health industry in general. The idea of going to the gym sounds like a simple thing to do to get exercise but after having an injury caused by an instructor who told me to push through the pain and also developing Achilles Tendinitis from running on a treadmill I found that this type of fitness really is a money making venture and is a one size fits all. It doesn’t take into consideration anything said to the instructors about issues unique to the individual, it’s a program!! You follow the program and some people will have it work for them and others it will damage.

Then there are the fake diets. The amount of diets out there based on incorrect information is astounding. Become a blogger, make up a new diet trend, say it saved your life and makes you look beautiful and athletic and awesome and many others start to follow you as you become the next social media super star. These diets and ideas are often someone opinion who has no scientific or medical background and can go viral. This is a billion dollar industry. And it is dangerous.

When you have a body that works correctly I am sure that some of these programs will work for you. However, if you have something not going quite right in your body but it isn’t killing you, it is hard to get people to listen to you, to believe you and to help you.

Ever since I was a kid and was underweight and didn’t like food I have felt like there was something wrong with the way my body works. It was almost a relief when I was diagnosed with pyroloria until I started to do some research on it myself but it did give me some clues as to what might be going on. I still don’t know exactly what is not working in my body but I have found some things through trial and error that work for me. I can’t and wont live without Kyani. It is my miracle and I will forever be grateful for the friend who got me on to it. I will be again attempting to drop the weight via a strict calorie controlled diet in the new year. I know I will drop down again until I get to the stage that I cant stand the strictness again and will have to come off it for a few weeks. I just need to stay strong and slowly take that default weight down until it resets itself.

I am also going to have to now deal with the damage done by exercise and the wear and tear it has done to my body. This might be more than I can do on my own and will need to be looked at with some specialist medical practitioners.

So if you feel like you’re the odd one out when it comes to all these food lovers, your not alone. And if you feel like your body is working against you, keep trying to understand what is going on. I really wish we were issued with a users manual but we are not so trial and error is often your own option. Take it easy on yourself though. I have accepted that I will not ever be a size 6 again, I am embracing that I am going grey and plan to age as naturally and comfortably as I can. This body that doesn’t work so well has given me a great life so far and 3 amazing kids so I am going to be ok with whatever shape and size it happens to be at any time.

Just to finish off this blog I wanted to say that because I don’t like food I also have never liked to cook. I have often said that I am a terrible cook. But interestingly enough I changed my mind about this recently. I discovered if you follow a recipe most of the time it works out well. And with a little practice you can make just about anything!! I am now experiment with different recipies in small steps. This is a big mindset change for me so just wanted to add that here too.


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