Redundant is a Rotten Word

I have been made redundant before and it is a terrible blow; redundant is a rotten word because it makes you think you are useless. ~Billy Connolly

The following post is one i wrote in 2012 (see the original here)  after being made redundant. nothing has changed so i wanted it to live here with the rest of my thoughts.

re·dun·dant : Adjective

  • No longer needed or useful; superfluous.
  • (of words or data) Able to be omitted without loss of meaning or function

How can this word be used when dealing with people. I was made redundant. I was no longer needed or useful. I was superfluous. I as able to be omitted without loss of meaning or function. Every single person that I have spoken to that has been made redundant has said the same thing. That being told they were redundant (usually after years of hard work and effort put into a job that was something the person loved to do and had a passion for) felt like someone had kicked them in the guts with a size 13 steal capped boot. I know that is how I felt.

But I am not redundant. I am very needed, just ask my husband and kids. I am very useful, just ask the Photographers that come to me for advice. I am hardly superfluous! Super yes!! I can be taken out of education without loss of meaning or function because I give that to the industry with the work that I do as part of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) My family need me, my industry need me, in fact the women of Adelaide need me!!

We often feel defined by our jobs, our everyday work! I was so proud of what the course I taught had achieved. I gave to the education of students in SA for 14 years and received not even a thanks for that from my employer!! Well guess what!! I don’t care! Why? Because I have come to realise that I have been giving a new start – and a new attitude to that life. I will admit it was after climbing into a big hole and putting a pillow over my head and trying to hide and block the world out. At one stage I didn’t know if I could crawl out of that hole and hold my head up high again but I kept picking up on little messages that the world was sending me. Little things that made me think that perhaps I was heading in the right direction. I had to think really really hard about what I really wanted to do with my life. I am still young(ish). I want to LOVE what I do, not just love parts of what I do. I have always loved photographing people! Didn’t even have to think to hard about that but I had to direct my business into what and how I want my work to look. Its not easy to take a risk and put yourself out there but that is where I am going!

I had lost who I was because I had so many hat to wear –  Mum, wife, daughter, sister, auntie, friend, photographer, Lecturer, business woman, government worker, owned by cats, industry leader, cook, industrial domestic cleaner, gardener etc, etc, etc.

So who am I? still all of the above, that is just part of who I am. But I now have remembered that I am a woman, a strong woman, who needs to also look after ME! I am a glamorous woman that loves shoes and handbags. I love my family and want to spend quality time experiencing the world with them. I love my clients and want to show them that they too are so important and amazing. So that is my calling – to help the woman of this world understand that each and everyone of us is important, is amazing and is beautiful. I hope you will come and join me 🙂

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