I prefer Zen and good conversation.

Today’s world is a troubled one. You would think with all of the wonderful inventions and technology and ability to be social we would have grown as a species. But I think it has in fact retarded our ability to be human.

I thought it amazing when I read about the “ROWDY’ QUESTION TIME TURNS SCHOOL KIDS AWAY” in the Victorian Parliament. Democracy has come to school yard childish behaviour and now kids can’t even watch it because of the bad behaviour being demonstrated by our political leaders. So is it any wonder that we are finding that bad behaviour or lack of common curtesy is just common place now.

But how do you not get upset by the bad behaviour of others. This is something that many people struggle with. But what really is bad behaviour. Who is to say that the behaviour and communication style of one person is “BAD” in comparison to someone else’s. Now I’m not talking about the behaviours that physically injure others or are against the law. I’m talking about those dramas that happen when dealing with others. The social etiquette that is no longer apparent. Some people are very direct and to the point and others waffle and can’t get their point across. Some are accused of bullying because of their directness and others are accused of being spineless for not standing up for what they believe in. Who is to say what is acceptable and what is not. Its such a grey area, but I have a way that I deal with everyone. And I harp on about this all the time because it is so important to being able to communicate in todays world. I talk about it all the time because so many people today get upset with almost any comment made on social media about just about any topic. Drama runs rampant. I prefer Zen and good conversation.

I don’t take things personally. Now I put myself out there sometimes and when I do I know I am going to get knocked around by people who do not have the same values, morals or principals that I subscribe to. But that doesn’t mean that I am going to get all high and mighty and demand that others respect me. Your opinion of me is not my business. I am happy to have an open conversation about differences we might have in our outlook on life and I might even find I learn from you, but I won’t take offence to what you might say to me.

I think as humans we need to give each other a break. We have so much pressure on us in todays world that it is easy to snap because you think someone is a particular way. What we need is more curiosity. More empathy. More tolerance of our differences.

I don’t know what you are going through. Just as you don’t know me. I am not going to react in anger when you ask me a question. If I think you are being a bit snarky, I’m not going to hold that against you and I am not going to take that personally. I am not going to assume I know everything. What I will do is respond with curiosity. I will always give you the benefit of the doubt and I will try to look at you as a person who’s past is not reflective of who you are today.

This is the only way that we can create safe respectful way to communicate into the future.

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