Perfection, is it achievable?

Just recently I’ve been confused. I look at lots of images, and I see lots of advertising and photography in general but what I have been noticing lately is that what we are shown in media and tv is so not normal that it is almost a warped sense of reality.

I was walking through my local shops the other day and I kept walking past people thinking “wow I would love to photograph that face”. Not because they were traditionally beautiful, but because they were so unique and normal. Then I realised that there was not one person I had seen that looked like all the beautiful people on tv or on Instagram.

Perhaps its like when you eat to much sweet stuff, you get sick of it after a while and it starts to make you feel sick. Or if you eat too much junk food and just want something of substance. I think I am sick of seeing the clones of perfection. It suddenly dawned on me that we really live on a completely different planet to what we are given by the media.

What I want to photograph is faces that are interesting and have a story to tell. I used to love to show women how beautiful they could look with glamour photography until one day a client said that she loved what I had done, but was sad it took that much work and effort to make her look ok. It made me realise that I didn’t want to do that anymore. It made me then realise that the images of perfection are doing way more damage than we think.

What is it that we find important in our lives? Is it the idea of perfection? Or should we stop spending so much time and effort trying to achieve beauty on the outside, and spend more time doing what makes us happy. I have decided that I am aging and with that will come the wrinkles, the grey hair and the weight, but also some wisdom. I have decided that I need to focus on my health, rather than my looks. I need to focus on what is important to me and what makes me happy.

This blog makes me happy. It is where I can say what I am thinking and if someone else reads words that they can relate to and it makes them feel a little less alone then that makes me even happier.

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