Street Photography Goal Achieved.


Shot 16th January 2018. James Place, Adelaide CBD, Australia.

I just love it when you set yourself a challenge and you achieve it.

This image has a bit of a story behind it. I love street photography and it has returned my love of photography to me. This year I set myself 2 challenges. 1 was to enter 4 images into the South Australian Photography awards in the TRAVEL category. I did that because the challenge set by entering awards pushes you to learn (see for more about that). The other challenge was that all images, not just the travel images would be simple and basic, going back to great photography, little or now photoshop.

So the challenge was enter 4 images into the travel category and win at least 1 award for one of them, and that is exactly what I have done.

I am so excited that it was this image that won a Silver Award at the Epson AIPP South Australian Professional Photography Awards. I am excited that it was this on because for so long I have heard that you can’t be a travel photographer if you don’t travel. And for as long as i can remember I have said to people that say that, that you live somewhere, and that is a place that people travel too as well, so start in your own backyard. This image was taken 12 minutes from my home, in a place that I have walked past many times. its the only local street shot that i submitted so I am just so happy that if one was going to win, that this one did.

So if you want to be a travel photographer, start in your own backyard and treat it like a tourist. its a way to practice what you shoot and its a way to find great moments.

Shot with: iPhone 7 plus

Edited in lightroom

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